Inspired Choices for a Balanced Life

Monica in the Community

Join Monica for a free seminar through NOCHS Get Better Series


Navigating Stess

When: Thursday, October 3rd, 5:30 pm

Where: NOCHS Community Room, 1061 S. Beacon Blvd, (Please use Four Pointes entrance.)

Mindfulness techniques are becoming mainstream tactics when dealing with stress, anxiety, depression and other ailments. Learn how taking five simple deep breaths reduces the stress response and enables you to navigate stressful moments and experiences in your
life more easily. Monica Verplank will discuss what happens to your brain under stress, and will provide easy tips to help you get a handle on stress and help you cope with difficult situations.


RSVP: Please reserve your spot by calling 616.847.5671

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Navigating Stress in Your Organization & Beyond

Fall Dates TBD

In today’s hectic and demanding world leaders and employees are frequently bombarded by stressful situations and scenarios. Join us for two sessions to support your own strategies for navigating stress. Easy tips for yourself and your team will be shared, handouts and support materials will be provided.

Offered by the Chamber of Commerce Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Ferrysburg

Part One
· Develop an understanding of the human stress response.
· Identify what both your unique brain and body look like under stress.
· Quick, easy tips will be provided to help you and your team better navigate stress in today’s busy business pace.

Part Two
· Learn how two local companies are bringing mindfulness mainstream.
· Walk away with resources to help your employees reduce stress and experience greater overall well-being.

Look for this and other upcoming events at the Chamber’s Calendar page.

Tools for Work-Life Balance

Fall 2019 TBD 

Optimize your healthy vibrant nature by discovering your unique mind-body type and how your reactions to stress can affect your overall wellbeing. Easily identify and address the symptoms of imbalance before the onset of upset, illness or disease, and make conscientious choices to enhance balance in your life.

Wellness Investment $99

Basics of Meditation: Navigating the Stress Response

Fall 2019 TBD

The American Heart Association promotes the practice of meditation to “Lower stress, cardiovascular disease risk by meditating”. “Deep-breathing exercises can help maximize oxygen exchange, facilitate relaxation and reduce stress. They can also act on the centers in your brain that lower blood pressure,” Robert Sheeler, M.D. Medical Editor — October 2014 Mayo Clinic Health Letter. Forbes Magazine recently published “Why The World’s Best Leaders Want To ‘Meditate On it’. Learn the basics of a simple meditation practice, including simple breathing techniques, to reduce stress and bring more harmony into your life.

Wellness Investment $99

Basics of Meditation: Neuroplasticity & Healing

Fall 2019 TBD

Top neuroscientists are sharing the power of meditation and its effects on the brain, particularly the pre-frontal cortex, our portion of the brain responsible for executive function and the regulation of our coordination of thought and feeling, attention and emotion. Learn how to use a practice of meditation to increase your neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to grow new neural networks. We can teach old dogs new tricks, and we can increase our brain’s capacity to rewire itself through the practice of meditation.

Wellness Investment $99


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