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Use the link below to order some of Monica’s recommended books directly from our wonderful, local bookstore.

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Ayurvedic Resources

Visit Ayurvedic Healing, to find my very favorite Ayurvedic products, including excellent Ayurvedic teas – Detox tea, Lymph tea, Six Taste Spice Mix, khichadi, fantastic facial products, abhyanga oil – Detox, Skin Tone oil, and many more helpful products and herbal supplements for health, detoxification and rejuvenation

Try Dosha bars for delicious, organic, nutrient dense food bars made with unsweetened fruits and seeds, and 20% off your first purchase.

Visit John Douillard’s LifeSpa® for other wonderful products including a very sweet Chyawanprash, digestive aids and excellent webinars regarding the powerful effects of key Ayurvedic practices

Visit Joyful Belly for excellent seasonal recipes and recommendations for addressing common ailments from an Ayurvedic perspective

Visit Banyan Botanicals for additional wonderful products including Vata Oil, ParaCleanse for international travel, as well as numerous informative guides to an Ayurvedic lifestyle, including An Ayurvedic Guide to Stress Management

Visit Maharishi Ayurveda for additional excellent products including Amrit Nectar (Chyawanprash), Stress Free Emotions, Stress Free Mind, Worry Free, Blissful Joy, Digest Tone, Blissful Sleep, Deep Rest, Clear Throat, Ayurvedic teas and spice blends AND the lovely, sweet rose products – rose petal spread, organic rose water spray & rose soap

Neuroscience of Meditation

Neuroscience Reveals the Secrets of Meditation’s Benefits
Eight Weeks to a Better Brain
Tuning Out: How Brains Benefit from Meditation
Brain Scans Show Meditation Changes Minds, Increases Attention
Meditation Expertise Changes Experience of Pain
The Benefits of Meditation: MIT and Harvard Neuroscientists Explain Why the Practice Helps Tune Out Distractions and Relieve Pain

Ishar Online Reference Library ISHAR (Integrative Studies Historical Archive & Repository) is an academic reference library offering tens of thousands of free, qualified academic sources on a range of topics, the main coverage of which includes Integrative Health, Integrative Culture and Integrative Theory.

Mindfulness Practices

Easy Breathing Practice